6 Tips for your Professional Branding Shoot

Are you a business owner ready to spruce up your professional branding? If so, now is the perfect time for a styling and imagery overhaul! Branding updates don’t have to be expensive or excessively difficult; however, they do require intentionality. Capturing photos of yourself or employees at work (or play!) through a professional shoot is one great way to make sure all eyes are on your brand. Before booking, learn more here about inside tips on how to prepare and plan out your branding photoshoot!

1. Set Clear Goals for your Branding Shoot

Before booking your branding photoshoot, determine why you’re doing it and what you hope to achieve. Thinking through the scope of your needs is key in helping to narrow down the types of photos needed, the number of photos desired, and the atmosphere or environment you desire for the shoot.

2. Create a Mood Board

A mood board is like a visual roadmap – it helps to establish the tone and direction of your branding shoot. Gather inspiring images from Pinterest, magazines, or online sources to create an overall look that speaks for your brand. I like to create mood boards for clients and myself in Canva. There are so many templates that even allow you to add your color palette next to the photos you choose. I always add the client’s logo also. I find this helpful because it allows you to visualize the bigger picture and see how your brand fits into the inspiration you pull.

3. Dress For Success

Your wardrobe choices can be used as powerful visual symbols to represent your company’s values and culture. I suggest sticking to colors that are in your brand’s color palette. This is my best-kept branding shoot secret to allowing my clients’ photos to easily flow in their marketing and on their websites!

4. Choose Props

Accessories and props can be used to emphasize the mood you are creating for your brand in the branding photoshoot. Select items that express or reflect what your company stands for, or things that will make it easier to show off the products or services your offer. I always recommend bringing physical business cards that can be staged, your laptop with your website on the screen, your phone with your socials open on the screen, and books you can hold that are related to your business.

4. Research Photographers

Take time to research photographers whose work resonates with you and explore their portfolios for inspiration. When selecting a photographer for the job, make sure to find someone who is familiar with your industry and can capture the desired look that you’re aiming for. If you’re located near the Alpharetta area, I highly recommend hiring Corey of Lens Photographs for your branding shoot. He has done all of my branding photos for the past several years.

5. Choose a Location

The environment and backdrop of your shoot can contribute to the overall look as much as any wardrobe or props. When selecting a location, consider what type of atmosphere best reflects your brand’s values and how the light will affect each scene. Again, if you’re located OTP of Atlanta, I recommend Kiah Studios in Woodstock, GA. Kiah is my favorite studio to visit. The natural light is stunning and the decor is consistently updated.

6. Make it Fun

Above all else, make sure that everyone involved in the branding photoshoot enjoys themselves! If everyone is having fun throughout the entire process – from planning to shooting – then chances are good that you will end up with awesome images that truly reflect what your brand stands for.

Professional branding shoots are an essential part of maintaining a strong presence in today’s competitive market. By following these tips, you’ll be ready to take on any photo session with confidence and style! Read my blog for more tips on everything social and branding!